Hi Everyone!

I’ll do my best to keep this short, so here’s the highlights …

Me in a nutshell – Wife to my best friend, Mom/StepMom/Mother-in-law to 6 amazing grownups kids, Memie to Tinkerbell (my absolutely perfectly precious granddaughter), Puppy Momma to Sherlock Holmes (our handsome 90 pound bundle of English Black Lab Love with me in the pic above), Full-time RV Gypsy, Book Lover, Beer Lover and Frump Monster Fighter … Living fit & free and helping others do the same.

Hubby and I live in our 38′ 5th wheel coach and travel throughout the US for his job in the oil industry. Before we started our full-time nomadic adventure 6 years ago we called Connecticut home. Did I mention he’s my biggest supporter, a huge part of my “Why” and there is now way I would be as happy as I am today without him by my side.


Isn’t he hot?!?! Mmmmmm ….

Ok, where was I???

Oh yes, back to what this website is all about.

Here’s the thing, I’ve always struggled with my weight and because of that I had some serious self esteem issues and even more importantly my health was taking a serious nose dive. I was just a heartbeat away from having to go on medication to bring my blood pressure down to a normal range, and honestly probably not very far from needing an intervention as my drinking was becoming an issue. Let’s just say I took day “day drankin” to a whole new level. It wasn’t pretty …

pretending to be happy

But since starting my first Beachbody fitness program in August of 2014 I’ve lost over 60 pounds and things changed for me in a big way!

lost my excuses

Finally, not only did I feel like I could reach the goals I set for myself but that I’m worthy of the time and effort it takes to maintain a healthy life balance.

I know without a doubt that the confidence I have now is a direct product of the support, inspiration and motivation I found by being surrounded by my team of amazing life changers.

With that said, turning 50 can be a tough nut to swallow. And even now almost two years later, with my new found confidence and sass still bubbling up from within, there are still days when I feel like I’m fighting the Frump Monster … and wondering who’s winning.

So that’s what this site is all about – It’s a personal journal of sorts about my own journey, but it’s more than that. It’s a way for me to be able to reach out and help other women who might be feeling the same way I was back in 2014 – sick, tired, obese and depressed, as well as women who might just be looking for some fun ways to keep the Frump Monster at bay and have fun doing it.

I am soooo looking forward to working with all of you as we smash our goals together!


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