Once You Go M.A.C. You Won’t Go Back!

Do you guys remember the Drew Carry Show? You know, the one with Mimi the wise-cracking, crazy make-up lady … ???


Yes, her!!

Well, that was 100% my fear about trying to wear make-up. I was so afraid that I would look like Mimi and not realize it. LoL Scary, right?

But turning 50-something has me wanting to smooth out the little lines and unevenness to my complexion and maybe add a little glow. I didn’t want anything dramatic, just a little touch-up. The thing was, I didn’t even really know where to start. Heck, I have a hard time picking out lip gloss, forget about finding the right color match for my skin tone. So, I went on a mission to the mecca to find divine inspiration … a.k.a. the mall.

I do have to tell you though, I had second thoughts about actually asking the advice of the professionals. After all, it had only been a few weeks since my hair catastrophe at ULTA in this same mall. But that’s another story all together. Today it’s all about the face.

I mustered up as much courage as I could without alcohol involved and walked into the mall. I had heard about MAC cosmetics and thought I would check them out first. But as I approached the store entrance instead of slowing I actually sped up my pace and walked right on by. My first thought was that this place was wayyyy to edgy for me. Purple lipstick, gold eye shadow?? I mean, I just want a little something, ya know? Not a dramatic fashion show look. So, I kept on walking.

Next I decided to peruse the cosmetic counters at the anchor stores, Macy’s, J.C. Penny, etc. I have to tell you, although these women were probably closer to my age, it seemed like they were sort of stuck in the 80’s. Think big, frosted hair and lots of gold jewelry. They reminded me of the TV show Dynasty. Plus they seemed poised and ready to spritz me with this year’s hot holiday perfume special. No thanks.

Hmmm … what about Sephora? That’s a name I’ve heard tossed about before. I thought I’d check them out too. But here’s the thing, if the women at the other counters looked “dated” then these young ladies looked … well like babies trying to look older. Again, no thanks.

At this point I did think about just aborting the mission. But if there’s one thing I’m not it’s a quitter, just ask my liver, LoL. So, I sucked it up, picked up my pace and headed back to the MAC store …


And walked right by again … saying to myself I think I can, I think I can …


Then finally, I said “F it”! I took a deep, cleansing breath and walked right back and into the store and before I could walk out Issac walked up to my with a big warm smile and asked me one simple question … “How can I help you today?” And with those simple words I started my journey with MAC cosmetics.

He was genuinely interested in what I was looking for and totally treated me with kid gloves when I explained to him that I really had ZERO experience with using makeup. He took the time to show me different items and how they worked, how to pick the right color for my skin tone, and more importantly, he didn’t try and sell me things I didn’t need. (i.e. skin care/moisturizing products. I love my Rodan & Fields!)

So, all the angst and feelings of not belonging in a store like that were for naught. Sure they have the latest in high, dramatic and glamorous fashion if that’s what you’re looking for. And hey, it might be fun to go back one day and really get glammed up one day!! But for my first attempt at trying to find a simple clean, yet updated look I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Here’s Isaac here, he was such a sweetie!


It’s been a couple weeks since I went in and I’ve been using most of what I bought that day. I love the primer, concealer and bronzing powder. They all feel light and like they allow my skin to breathe, if that makes any sense. I’m sure I’ll use the eye shadow and lipstick for other occasions, but it’s not something I feel like I need for everyday.


The goody bag …


The goodies …


So, I guess this just goes to prove, you’re never too old to add some new tricks to your Fighting Frumpy arsenal!!

Special thanks to Isaac for opening my eyes (ha, ha, see what i did there??) to a wonderful line of cosmetics AND to my friend Amy for the awesome title to this post. LoL

That’s all for now, remember –

Stay Classy, Sassy & a Bit Badassy!


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