The difference Between Grace and Faulty Rationalization …

I’ll tell you the difference between Grace and Faulty Rationalization … 30 Pounds!

This was then (January 2017) …


This is now …


So what the hell happened in 2017 anyway?

Yeah, I know the New Year is already here and people have left 2017 in the dust, as it should be. The biggest thing you can do to hinder your goals for the future is spend too much time looking back. But this year I find myself looking back and honestly thinking “WTF?!”

I could go into a big long rant about all the things that resulted in what you see in those pics above. But instead I’m just going to own it. In a nutshell … I got comfortable, complacent and lazy.

I know how that sounds coming from someone who makes it a part of her daily routine to try and help others make healthier choices and to love themselves more. Trust me, I feel like a total hypocrite. Seriously, “Do as I say, not as I do” is such a BS thing to say, right?

The truth is I got much too good at the whole “Give yourself Grace” mindset. It’s funny how something so important to keep in mind on certain occasions can turn into a crutch that enables you to completely lose focus on your goals. Sometimes it’s hard to clearly see  exactly when giving yourself grace turns into chronic faulty rationalization. Trust me on this. I was the 2017 queen of Faulty Rationalization. I mean did you see that pic?

Here’s what I mean by Faulty Rationalization …

“I worked 70 hours this week. I don’t have time to shop for healthy meals, let alone cook them. I’ll just grab a fast food grilled chicken sandwich … I mean it’s way better than the Big Mac I used to get!”


“I totally deserve this glass of wine. (ok bottle) I worked really hard today and I’ve been thinking about it for hours. Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t drink during the week, but this job is stressful!”

or one of my favorites …

“I have a vacation coming up and I’m going to eat like crap anyway, so I may as well enjoy myself now and then I will get 100% back on track after it’s over.”

See what I mean, maybe you call them excuses? The thing is I actually believed what I was telling myself. Sure maybe once or twice doing those things is no big deal. But consistently rationalizing things as a way to make yourself feel better about making crappy choices isn’t doing yourself any favors. Before you know it, a couple off days turns into off weeks, months etc. The next thing you know you’ve gained back 30 of the 68 pounds you busted your ass to lose. Unfortunately, gaining weight creeps on slowly just like losing it (although it is much easier to do!) and before you know it you’re asking yourself WTF???

The good news is that I’ve come to terms with my weight gain and I know how to get rid of it. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. The program I’m starting on January 15th is new to me, as it incorporates macros and a timed nutrition plan, but I think this time around I’m even better equipped for the journey than I was back in 2014; both from a practical standpoint as well as emotionally ready for the ups and downs.

If you’re curious about what I’m doing, here’s some info on the program for you …


I’ll be sharing my “Journey Back to Me” with you all here and on FB and IG with the hashtags #journeybacktome and #fightingfrumpy I would absolutely love to have you follow me along!!  I plan to be as real, open and transparent as possible every step of the way. My hope is that this will serve as a place to not only hold myself accountable, but to also inspire anyone who is feeling like I do today (bloated, tired, unhealthy and ready to make a change) that they can do it!!

If you can relate to any of what you’re reading, let’s connect on Facebook or Instagram, we can take this journey together!

Or fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you via email.


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