Hair, Hair!

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Who/What is Monat?

It’s your ticket to the best hair you’ve had in your life, because life is too short to deal with Bad Hair Days!

Monat is a Premium Quality, Naturally Based, Anti-Aging Hair Care company, offering hair care products that are new & unique to the market place.  What makes Monat so unique is the things the line does not contain.  There are no harsh potentially hazardous chemicals, now waxes, resins, or heavy silicones, that can build up, weigh down, & cause a whole host of problems for your hair.  You can rest assured you are using pure, safe, & effective products that improve the quality & health of your hair & scalp.

What this line does is, improve the appearance and health of your existing hair and creates the best environment for hair to grow, which means the hair you grow after using Monat is going to be better quality, happier, more beautiful hair.  In 90 days you will have a longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking head of hair.  It’s Monat’s promise to you.

How can this happen?

Monat is formulated with the best ingredients available by a formulation wizard that has been crafting high quality personal care products for 35+ years.  Jamie Ross is his name, and he travels the world searching for and researching what is new, safe, & effective, to use in Monat’s products.  He finds the best stuff & then uses an evolutionary approach to creating formulas that work as good as, and better, than promised.  Every formula he keeps and sends to production has 200-300 formulas behind it that were thrown out because they weren’t ‘good enough’ in how they performed.  This continual tinkering gives you excellent products and results.  Monat products are the result of diligent work, not simply an idea and a prayer, or crossed fingers.

Monat’s products are so good because only the finest quality ingredients are used, the ingredients are 3rd party studied for effectiveness, and Monat has products that are so unique, they are patent pending.  Which means no one else has what Monat offers.  The highest quality is ensured because the line is researched, sourced, developed, manufactured, bottled, & distributed in facilities that are owned by Monat.  This is a bigger deal than you may think.  Most products from other lines are ideas that are sent off to the lowest bidder to be produced using potentially inferior ingredients, by people who are more worried about margins & bottom lines than product quality.  Monat gives you the best quality, highly concentrated, product that is safe for every member of your family because they care enough to invest in the best for you.

Patent pending, 3rd party studied, food & USP grade ingredients, facilities owned by the company, all work together so you always know you’re using the best possible product on your biggest image asset, your hair.  Your hair is your calling card & it is visible to everyone in all directions.  People see your hair coming and going, Monat helps you be confident your hair looks fantastic from all angles, which boosts self image, confidence, productivity, and social interaction.  Studies show, the better you feel about your hair the better you are in all aspects of life.

Monat’s approach to hair care is akin to skin care, in that mild, layered cleansers are used to remove product, residue, & environmental toxins, while taking care to not cause irritation & inflammation, or stripping essential, beneficial, natural oils & emollients, like other harsher cleansers do.  You wouldn’t wash your face with dish soap, or harsh bar soap, why would you use harsh cleansers on your scalp & hair?  Skin, scalp, & hair are made from the same type of material, and each is as fragile and sensitive as the other.       With Monat, you always know you are using the finest, most advanced approach to hair care, giving you & your family the safe, pure, & effective products they deserve, and unbelievably gorgeous hair.

You can start your journey to F’n Fabulous Hair >>>HERE<<<