What is Ketosis?

Ketogenic Word Cloud

If you’re anything like I was not too long ago, you might hear the word ketosis and think it’s a bad thing. Or maybe it’s just that apparently I was living under a rock and had never really heard of the Keto Diet.

I grew up in the 70’s when any and all fat was a bad thing. So trying to fathom a diet that encourages us to eat a nicely marbled grass fed steak with a pat of butter melting on top seemed like a death sentence. But as it turn’s out eating healthy fat is where it’s at! LoL

It turns out our body is actually designed to run more efficiently when burning fat instead of glucose (carbs). But rather than try to explain it myself, I’d rather you check out this fun and quick little video about how it all works.

After you watch it, let me know if you’re ready to try your sample!

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